• Duration: 60 minutes
  • Premium program with wine & finger food: 90 minutes 
  • Only for groups from 40 people up to 60 people
  • To coordinate groups turismo@elzanjon.com.ar

Program Description

A totally different visit to the famous Zanjón. 

Dramatic light & shadows frame the history of this building, its conventillo (tenement house) period and the stories of the people who lived here at that time.

San Telmo as a location and conventillos as sites define by themselves where tango was born.

Serendipity as it happened many times before, gifted us with a secret and direct connection of El Zanjón with tango.

Come and discover!

Program Details

  1. Arrival at El Zanjón (Defensa 755).
  2. Guests in groups of 20 are welcomed by storytellers who will be their companions during the experience.
  3. Images & sounds will complement with descriptions and explanations the amazing stories.
  4. An unexpected magical appearance of a live bandoneon will mark the end of an unforgettable evening.