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"All of Buenos Aires history is packed into this unusual house… When the property's current owner -or custodian, as he prefers to be known- decided to develop what was then a run-down conventillo, he began to discover all sorts of things beneath the house: pottery and cutlery, the foundations of past constructions, and a 500-foot network of tunnels that has taken over 20 years to excavate… With the help of historians and architects, they've now been painstakingly restored, and the entire site has been transformed into a private museum, where the only exhibit is the redbrick building itself. Excellent hour-long guided tours in English and Spanish take you through low-lighted sections of the tunnels…"

TripAdvisor, El Zanjón de Granados Review, Fodor´s Guide 2012


"Stunning restoration, great tour" "This really is an incredible place. The local businessman who has set it up has pumped heaps of money into it and the restored building and tunnels are stunning. It's hard to describe the architecture but the historical underground aqueduct tunnels are brilliant…"

Adam, Melbourne, Australia, 3-2-2012


"El Zanjon de Granados, el único vestigio de los 500 años de historia de nuestra ciudad" "El Zanjon de Granados es el ejemplo de lo que debería hacerse para preservar la historia de una Ciudad en cualquier parte del mundo… un particular que compró el solar… al comenzar sobre las ruinas de de una antigua casa la demolición de la estructura encontró túneles, elementos de uso de los habitantes antiguos de la Ciudad… y con gran acierto convocó a arqueólogos que luego de grandes trabajos dejaron al descubierto… los entubados de los que fueran los arroyos llamados Los Terceros del Sud, …esto es un orgullo de la Ciudad …lo visite en 6 oportunidades y no deja de sorprenderme… el trabajo de preservación notable y las visitas guiadas son realizadas en pequeños grupos y muy bien dadas por los guías que trabajan en la casa , creo sin temor a equivocarme que es un lugar de visita obligada para aquel que viene a conocer la historia de la Ciudad."

Gustavo R., Buenos Aires, 13-1-2012


"Great history" "The tour was great. Evidently the owners bought it and were going to turn it in to a restaurant or something and as the renovation started they discovered all of these tunnels and areas. If you like history and structural improvement tours, this is for you. There is an English tour and a Spanish tour."

TripAdvisor, David and Kim, Cincinnati, USA, 8-1-2012


"In the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires… lies what must be the city's most enigmatic tourist attraction…Most fascinating were the tunnels, the ditches of the site's name, which channeled water from streams that once flowed through the area to the River Plate…Today it is possible to get guided tours through this idiosyncratic exercise in urban archaeology.… work of art created by an urban visionary.… The spaces you visit during your tour are absolutely ravishing. ….you have a chance to wander through this odd wonderland and revel in some of the most romantic interior spaces in this or any other city."

Monaghan - Expedia, 2011


"Cuando llegamos quedamos totalmente impresionados con lo que nos encontramos, un lugar que conserva el pasado de Buenos Aires!!. Algo que cuando partimos rumbo a Sudamérica estábamos ansiosos por conocer. Es un sitio lleno de cultura. Hicimos una visita guiada, para así conocer todo aquello que se obtuvo en las excavaciones. A medida que se van recorriendo los diferentes túneles, se puede observar la construcción y la conserva de los cielorrasos mientras se va escuchando el relato de la historia de Buenos Aires. La verdad que el paseo fue una experiencia recomendable..."

Jane and Peter. 19-05-2011


"A little bit of history". "Again, be prepared to come back a few times. Once you take the tour of this house a lot of Argentine history will start making sense. This history lesson is worth taking and definitely worth coming for the lesson…"

Mr. Buragus, USA, 26-01-2011


"...Part archaeological museum, part event space, El Zanjón is a beautifully restored residence encapsulating three centuries of urban living… traces from an earlier patrician home -an open-air cistern, a lookout tower and a 1740s wall comprised of seashell mortaring- serve to transport you to the era of Spanish settlement."

Timeout Buenos Aires, 2010


"All 500 years of Buenos Aires' history are packed into this unusual house. When the property's current owner -or custodian, as he prefers to be known- decided to develop what was then a run-down conventillo, he began to discover all sorts of things beneath the house: pottery and cutlery, the foundations of past constructions, and a 500-foot network of tunnels that has taken over 20 years to excavate... Excellent hour-long guided tours in English and Spanish take you through low-lighted sections of the tunnels."

Fodor's, 2010


"El Zanjón de Granados es uno de los pocos ejemplos de la voluntad de preservación y recuperación del patrimonio histórico en el barrio de San Telmo y nos muestra una etapa de la historia de nuestra Buenos Aires… Vale la pena visitar este lugar e iniciar un viaje imaginario a un pasado que la modernidad nos ha ocultado con frecuencia..."

Comisión para la Preservación del Patrimonio Histórico Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2010


"Spectacular: a must visit even for the casual tourist." "…This place is a gem, one of the few things in my years of travel to really exceed expectations... Words are difficult to describe this place… Don't let the nondescript entrance fool you; this place is magnificent inside and well worth a visit. I would definitely stop by again if I was passing through town. A must visit."

Mr. Midway, USA, 29-07-2010


"Our Favorite BA Attraction" "...The building is lovely and has been restored and in places gently updated, but the combination is compelling and provides an outstanding glimpse into the local historical architecture of the period…"

Mr. Gosmart, USA, 08-03-2010


"One of the more unique places in Buenos Aires is this amazing architectural site. Below the remains of a mansion, a series of old tunnels, sewers and water wells going back to 1730 were discovered. They have been meticulously reconstructed brick by brick, and very attractively lit, and this 'museum' offers a fascinating glimpse into the city's architectural past. Choose between hour-long tours during the week or half-hour tours on Sundays. It's best to call and reserve, especially if you need English-speaking guides."

Lonely Planet, 2010


"Congratulations to this excellent work of reconstruction and the conception which is behind the centre project. Since this is a great success it should become a model for other projects in the beautiful town of Buenos Aires"

Hans Martin Hinz. Executive Council of ICOM Paris. German Historical Museum Berlin. 22-05-09


"En la calle Defensa y Chile se encuentra el Zanjón de Granados una casa que data su historia de 1830 y que ha tenido diferentes transformaciones. Tiene un trabajo arquitectónico increíble de un valor arqueológico superlativo pues se han encontrado vestigios desde la época de la colonia. Hay túneles, una pequeña casa debajo de la actual, elementos encontrados en las excavaciones. Realmente un lugar a conocer."

Comentario de un viajero, Yahoo Respuestas 2008


"Una joya del Buenos Aires antiguo, un placer para los que amamos ese pasado"

Néstor E. Poitevin.  Bs.As. Argentina.  20-04-07


"What a pleasure to visit this 'idea', not only was I surprised by the concept of this -memory site-, but also I love this feeling that Jorge Eckstein brought to me in only minutes that to show history you have to pass through 'conciliation', of old and new"

Johnny de Meullemeester.  Chargé de misión pour la collaboration archéologique internationale.  Belgium. 3-12-04


"It is very rare to come across such dedication and commitment combined with a scientific approach to the heritage. I really appreciate the sensibility, innovation and understanding of the heritage which is reflected in every aspect. I hope that if you ever visit India you would communicate some of this vision and dedication to the students at the school. This has been a true learning experience"

Anuradha Chaturvedi.  Dep. Of Architectural  Conservation. School of Planning and Architecture. New Delhi. 13-10-04


"Como siempre cada visita a El Zanjón es un verdadero bálsamo con lo que esta palabra profundamente  significa. Gracias por la "escuela" que diariamente sigue formando a muchos en el reconocimiento de lo valioso que tenemos"

Graciela Lobato.  Coordinación de proyectos y gestión de Dirección General Casco Histórico. Buenos Aires. 13-10-04


"This has been an absolutely incredible experience. Your labor of love is apparent. Without a doubt the best Buenos Aires has to offer"

Michael and Donna Mellenthin.  Studio City, California. USA. 21-5-02